Playing Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em gained popularity after networks like ESPN began televising the game.  As they watched, home viewers began to like the game and realize that it wasn’t that difficult.  They also saw that it was fun!

Each player is dealt two cards face down after adding money to the pot (“the bet”).  As “the bet” makes its way around the table, other players will also add money.  When it is back to you, you must put in enough money to match the highest bet or you may get out.  If you choose to put more than the highest bet, then you are making a “raise” and anyone else who wants to stay in must match your raise.  At any point, you can get out or “quit” by “folding”.

Once the players staying in, have decided to match the bets and raises, the dealer puts three cards in the middle of the table, face up.  These are “community” cards, and all players at the table are able to use these cards to attempt to create a winning hand.

For example, if you had a King in your hand, and you see a King in the community cards, you could pick up the card and would now have a pair of Kings.

After that, another round of betting begins, just like the first round.  If everyone else but you “folds”, then you win the pot.  Otherwise, everyone matches the bet and raises and proceeds.

Two more community cards are placed one at a time.  If at least two of the players are still in the game, then the remaining players must show their cards.  The player with the best hand wins the pot.

G2E product profile — ARISTOCRAT & VGT

In booth #1141, Aristocrat and VGT will show more of what works for their customers and their players, such as new titles with globally popular themes, the rock-solid Oasis 360 gaming systems solution, leading-edge cabinets to transform the floor, and the new breakthrough OVATION product line.


Gaming Technology Group (GTG) recently introduced PROMOLINX, the premier revenue-driving tool for casinos.  This full-service promotional kiosk allows operators of small to mid-sized casinos to align marketing reinvestment costs to the exact players that warrant it. 
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TCSJOHNHUXLEY appoints Tim Cullimore as head of European sales

TCSJOHNHUXLEY recently announcement the appointment of Tim Cullimore as head of European sales, commencing  August 29, 2017. Cullimore will be responsible for the leadership of the TCSJOHNHUXLEY European sales team, developing new business opportunities and creating solution strategies to customer needs.
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JACK Entertainment appoints new vice president of design and construction

Detroit-based JACK Entertainment LLC recently announced Gino Del Pup has joined the company as vice president of design and construction, pending regulatory approvals. In his new role, Del Pup is responsible for all design and construction activities, including remodels and expansions and facility capital improvements for the gaming and entertainment […] Continue Reading…

Preparing your brand for crisis

It�™s hurricane season for us along the Gulf Coast, and with that comes a steady stream of news stories that feature a well-meaning government official or correspondent telling us to have an emergency plan in place and up-to-date.
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